1.-(Chicken Breast Cordon Bleu.) 2.-(Chicken Chow Mein.)
Savory Rice,Fresh Veg. or Potatoes. Oriental Veg.Noodles, White or Fried Rice.

3.-(Kung Pao Chicken.) 4.-(Chicken Marsala Muchroos Sause.
Oriental Veg. Rice or Noodles. Rice Pilaf & Green Beans Almondie.

5.-(Grilled Rosemary Chicken.) 6.-(Chicken Quarters Breaded & Fried.)
Medly Veg. Rice or Steamed Potatoes. Fresh Roasted Mashed Potatoes & Green Beas.

7.-(BBQ Chicken Quarters.) 8.-(Chicken Quarters En Mole Poblano.)
Baked Beans,& Corn of the Cobb. Spanish Rice, Beans, or Potatoes.

9.-(Pollo Asado.) 10.-Chicken Fajitas.)
Refried Beans,Spanish Rice, Tortillas & Salsa. Frijoles Rancheros,Arroz Mexicano,

11.-(Chicken Teriyaki.) 12.-Chicken Breast Pesto.)
Fresh Brocoli,Oriental Rice, & Teriyaki Sause. Medly Veg.Potatoes & Pesto Sause.

13.-Roast Turkey Breast.) 14.-(Grilled Chicken Pasta Primavera.)
Green Beans,Dressing,Mashed Potatoes,& Gravy. Alfredo Sause,Fresh Veg.& Penne Pasta.
15.-(Roasted Pork LoinRosemary.) 16.-(Pork Carnitas)
Mashed Potatoes,Rice,or Mix. Veg. Refried Beans,Mexican Rice,Tortillas& Salsa.

17.-(Pork Chile Verde or Rojo.) 18.-(BBQ Pork Ribs.)
Yellow Rice,Refried Beans,Tortillas& Salsa. Mashed Potatos,Gravy & Corn.
19.-(Beef Steak Picado.) 20.-(Roasted New York)
Tomatillo Sause,Spanish Rice,Ranchero Beans. Mushroos Sauce,Baked Potatoes, & Fresh Veg.

21.-(Tri Tip Beef.) 22.-(Roast Prime Rib.)
Merlot sauce & Mushrooms, Potatoes or Rice. Au Jus, Fresh Vegetables, Rice or Potatoes.

23.-(London Broil (Beef) Teriyaki Sauce.) 24.-(Yankee Pot Roast)
Fresh Brocoli & Pilof. Brown Gravey, Mix Vegetables & Mashed

25.-(Beef Fajitas, Bell Peppers & Onions) 26.-(Barbacoa De Res) (Consome)
Frijoles Charros, Rice, or Mixed Vegetables. Spanish Rice, Frijoles Charros, Salsa,
Tortillas, Onions, Cilantro & Limes.

27.-(Oriental Beef & Broccoli) 28.-(Beef Tostada & Nacho Bar)
Teriyaki Sauce, Oriental Veggies & Steamed Salsa, Guacamole, Sour Cream, Cheese
Rice. Sace, Onions, Tomatoes, & Shredded Letuce.

29.-(Beef Macaroni Tomatoes Casserole) 30.-(Spaghetti Meat Balls)
Peas, Carrots & Corn. Marinara Sauce, Mix Veggies & Garlic Bread Sticks.


31.-(Chicken California) 32.-(Chicken & Cheese Enchiladas)
Chicken Breast, Tomato Slices, Avocado & Refried Beans & Spanish Rice.
Cheese, Rice Pilaf, Potatoes or Fresh in
Season Vegetables. 34.-(We Make Breakfast Omelette Bar
33.-(Chiles Rellenos) Omelette, Toping, Ham, Bell Peppers
Spanish Rice & Refried Beans, Corn Tortillas. Onions, Salsa, Mushrooms, Cheese &

35.-(We Make Pasta Bars) 36.-(We Serve All Fish & Sea Food Market
A La Italiana with Pesto, Alfredo & Price)
Marinara Sauce, Garlic Bread.
38.-(Fish Tilapia Adobo)
37.-(Taquiza Bar) Savory Rice & Vegetables, Roasted
Lengua, Asada, Al Pastor, Chorizo, Potatoes.
Chicken, Salsa De 7 Chiles Arroz,
Frijoles & Flower or Corn Tortillas. 39.-(Fish Tilapia Cajun)
Anna Potatoes, Frish Green Beans,
40.-(Camarones Rancheros)
Onions, Bell Peppers, Corn, Cilantro &
Jalapeno Chilis, Spanish Rice & Beans.


"Appetizers" "Ask For Special Package Deals"
Hot Buffalo Wings Fresh Salads
Pork Short Ribs BBQ Cheese Tray
Chipotle Chicken Quesadillas Potatoe Salad
Beef or Chicken Fried Taquitos Carrot Salad
Beef & Chicken Kabobs Ceviche Salad
Mini Chimi Changas Vegetables Tray
Meat Balls Macarroni Salad
Salsa, Chips & Guacamole Fresh Fruit Salad
w/Whip Cream


All These Orders Can Be Combined & Served With Green Salad,Dressing,Salsa,Chips,
& Fruit.

Prices Are Subjet to 15% Service Charge, & 9.25% California Sales Tax Obligate.
{100 Guest Minimum For Buffet Services}